Saturday, June 20, 2009

Connection problems

Due to computer problems at the hotel, aren't going to be able to post anything major. We are currently doing this one on the iPod touch.

We spent the day down south by the Dead Sea. We saw Masada, Qumran ( where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found), and floated in the Dead Sea.

Our health seams to be getting better. Tomorrow we will be attending Church in Bethlehem, and seeing more of Bethlehem.

Thank you for comments and prayers. Hopefully we will be able to post more tomorrow. We have 7 articles to post. So look for them soon.

The bananagrams


  1. I am keeping up with your activities and will pray for the health of all, as well as for you endurance of the high temps. I know of at least one of you that gets very disagreeable in the heat!

  2. Ah...the ever versatile iPod Touch.

    I read each day expecting that there will be a lull in the activities and sites, but am continually amazed at great activities and the biblically historic sites that you have done and seen each day.

    I want to wish all of the Dads on the trip a happy Father's Day, especially my dad. Happy Father's Day, Pop! We love you!!!

  3. I wondered if you were far away from WiFi by this time on your trip. At what hour did you post this? It must have been very early morning. I'm relieved to hear that everyone feels better! I hope it cools off a bit for you! Love to Mark and Debbie Ferris-- Happy Father's Day tomorrow--maybe already, for you!