Thursday, June 18, 2009

Moving from Galilee to Jerusalem

Step into the water- go alittle bit deeper! We were in the world's largest baptismal font-- The Jordan River- just below the Sea of Galilee. Some of us waded up to our ankles. After getting back into our air conditioned oasis (our beloved bus) we rode onto Bet She an, the place where Saul and Jonathan really got nailed! You can read about that in the last chapter of 1 Samual. This new testament city has the largest fully excavated theater in Israel. Earthquakes had knocked many columns which lay where they fell.

We saw the oldest man made structure in the world at Jericho- Built 5 years after Ed Young was born! LOL Oh, and speaking of earthquakes we had lamb kabob sandwiches in Jericho, which initially we were told was going to be chicken.

We then went up~ to Jerusalem just passing through on our wonderful shopping trip. We went through a check point where we had to show our passports to a red headed machine gun totting Israeli soldier. We observed the city of Jerasulem from a spectacular vantage point and then drive to the Jaffa Gate at the Old City where we climbed 50,000 stairs (oh maybe only 100) and then walked to our new residence for the next week, the Knights Palace. We got situated this quaint 16th century dwelling~ ate a lovely meal and then said "Good night, Knight!"

The Cues


  1. Did you get to witness any actual baptisms??? I like the details of the shopping trip. Enjoy!