Saturday, June 13, 2009

The day has finally arrived for this adventure to begin! Today we will all meet at O'Hare Airport at 2:15 to check in for our 4:40 flight. After a stopover in Madrid, Spain, we should arrive in TelAviv, Israel at 3:40 Sunday afternoon. Since Israel is 8 hours ahead of Aurora, it will be 7:40am back home. Something tells me that we'll be pretty tired! We are staying in a hotel along the Meditteranean Sea on Sunday night to rest up, and our touring will begin Monday morning. We're looking forward to what God has to show and teach us in the next couple of weeks. Thank you to all of you that are following our journey and especially for praying for us.



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  2. I am praying for all of you always-- I'm giving a shout ou to Mark and Debbie Ferris! Stay safe but have FUN!!