Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"It's a small world when you get over here"

I was in the hotel elevator and introduced myself to the other rider. He was Pat from Wisconsin. When I told him where I was from, he said: It's a small world when you get over here. How true.

Israel is a small place. So much history, so many tourists, so many cultures all packed together into tiny square mileage. Wierd connections are bound to take place. Dr. Burge bumped into a student he taught last semester at Wheaton on a boat dock. Only five minutes sooner or later and we would have missed him! I've met many folks from the Chicago area- 1 young man was Bar Mitzvahed on the top of Mesada four days ago. I have also observed something very interesting- our guide is named Nader and he is an Arab Christian from Jerusalem. Husam is our driver, a muslim also from Jerusalem, formally from Bethany. I watched these two men interact both professionally and personally with each other and with others- Jews and Christians- and I have been inspired by their genuine friendship. In such a small place, a "small world" as Pat from WI put it with so much religious and political tension, its refreshing to observe two very different men relating to each other in such a refreshing way. Peace, Pastor Jeff

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