Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What a hike!

Today we saw many excavations. We started the day off by visiting Bethsaida, which is currently being excavated by Rami Arav. He found the largest city gate that can be dated back to the old testament. We then moved onto to see Kursi, which was 5th century ad Bysantine Church. This could have been where Jesus cast out demons into the pigs.

We then travel north through Golan Heights to Gamla. This was a rigorous hike that only some were able to do. We hiked down a huge mountain side that was steep and rocky. We saw a 1st Century predestruction villege, including Synagogue and mitvah. We were hot and tired when we crawled back up the mountain to join the rest of the group. Ice cream was a well deserved treat.

We then traveled through the Druze population. At one point we could see Syria, Lebanon and Israel.

We ended the days tours by touring Caesarea Philipi (Banias). This is where Jesus was finally revealed to his disciples.

Cerutti's and Kingsbury's

Happy Birthday Kerri!


  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    This is the first day that I have had time to read your journal. It does sound exciting. I recognize many of the names from the Bible. I pray that you are safe. Our favorite student has been at Summer school all 3 days so far. See you soon, Judy

  2. Hi to all,especially a shout out to Mark and Debbie Ferris! The entries here show plenty of activity,and historical pilgrimage. My prayers for all of you have been for your safety- but also that you would see and feel what you wanted to find,as you planned for this trip. I love to read your entries--keep em coming!!

  3. Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes. We all really enjoy reading this blog. Thanks for taking the time to update us.