Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our last post from Israel:(

Well what a day! We have had a free day to explore. The majority of us started the day out by walking the Old City Wall. We enjoyed the view from above.

We then split up and visited many different places. Some went to the Jewish Quarter to explore, others went St. Peter Gallcantu ( sp). All finished their shopping for souviner. Most took snap in the afternoon to rest up for our long day of travel.

We ended the day with a wonderful dinner out in the courtyard of our hotel. We then spent some time talking about our trip. We then took a night walk around the city.

We are now sitting waiting to load on the bus to head to the airport. Please keep us in your prayers for safe travel. We will see you tomorrow afternoon.

Bye from Israel!

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  1. You can be sure that we all prayed without ceasing while you were gone.It is so good to have you home now!