Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shopping Decree...

In those days there went out a decree from Gary and Nader that all should get Olive Wood souviners. So First Pres also went down from Galilee unto the City of David which is called Bethlehem. There, each bought there souviners, some exceeding their limits on one credit card making it necessary to use a second one. First Pres found there was no room for them in the bus so they had to have them shipped home.

As a result, we have increased the economy of the small town of Bethlehem. Wives purchased Father's Day gifts for their husbands ~ doesn't every man desire a Nativity Set for his special day? As a result, many men are looking forward to next Mother's Day when they can purchase electric drills and screwdrivers.

Even as the women sat on the bus, their shopping wasn't over as they succumbed to the high pressured sales tactics of the sidewalk salesmen. Men did not understand these things but the women stored them up in their hearts.

Randy and Carol Cue


  1. Yea,verily, I understood this passage greatly! Always have your packages sent-- less to carry around in hot weather! Now, we're getting to the serious part of a vacation!

  2. Anna and I love the Luke 2 references! We hope you all are enjoying the trip as much as we are enjoying hearing about your escapades. Keep the stories and humour coming! Oops! Must be spending too much time reading my anglicized ESV :-D

  3. No this was not Elizabeth. And yes more than one had this problem.

  4. I say I've been shopping with Ed & June and surely they walked with dignity and did their part for the economy of the small town of Bethlehem (even though they bought their nativity in a small town called Arthur. I too have pondered this in my heart and even though I didn't get goosebumps like ready "the Bible came alive", I did have a good laugh!