Friday, June 19, 2009

Dung Gate and Mount of Olives

Today we started the day off by walking through the City of David.

We then came to Hezekiah's Tunnel which most of us walked through. The tunnel is a very dark and narrow tunnel with varying heights throughout. We had to have on watershoes and use a flash light to guide our way. The water was at different heights throughout the tunnel. When we began our journey through the tunnel the water was above the knees and gradually went down to above our ankles. The water was a very refreshing cold. Some of us couldn't wait to get out but others had fun splashing in the water. The walk was to take about 45 minutes, but most of us were through it in about 25 minutes. We exited the tunnel into the Pool of Siloam. It is the hottest archeologist spot. We were also given a special treat by seeing the recently discovered stairs that lead up to the old city. These stairs would have been walked by the Blind Man that Jesus sent down to be cleansed. (John 9)

We then loaded back into the bus and headed back to the Old City through the Dung Gate, which is the Southwest side. We saw the Temple Mount where the Robinson's Arch would have been.

We then went as a group to the Western Wall (Wailing Wall), this is the Holiest place in Jerusalem. This is the place where the Jewish come to pray. The men and women are seperated when walking in and at the wall. The men have more space and an area under the archway to pray and study. This experience was very moving.

We then went to the Mount of Olives and Garden of Gethsemane. This also was very moving to walk in Jesus' footsteps from the top of the Mountain down to the bottom where he was arrested. The Mount of Olives looks out over the Kidron Valley and at the Old City Wall, where the Golden Gate is. The Golden Gate was sealed during the 7th Century by the Muslims. This gate is said to be where the Messiah will enter Jerusalem. There are tombs of Muslims right around the gate. There are Christiam tombs in the valley, and Jewish tombs on the Mount of Olives. All three religions believe that their Messiah will enter through this gate. The Muslims are very protective of this area.

We then headed back to the Hotel to rest and eat. Some of us are not feeling well. Please pray for our health. The weather is a sunny 90+ degrees. Tomorrow we are heading South to the Dead Sea area and Masada. This is going to be very hot. So please pray for health and safety.

Happy Birthday Jacob Pavey!


  1. Hey, a shout out to Mark and Debbie Ferris-- I spotted you in the very back of the photo! You can all be sure I'm praying for restoration of health to those who feel bad. I am hoping for cooler weather for you,too. I pray every time I think of you, which is SO OFTEN, during the day! Enjoy, but be safe!!

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  3. Thanks for adding the pictures. Suppose you are up and I am just going to bed. Belated birthday blessings to Kelli!! Continuing to pray for good and improved health and also safety for all. Enjoy your day.